Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New Adventures!

I forgot that I even had this blog!πŸ˜„ Luckily I think only Lynn and Darcy see it and since it's been a long time, it may just be my secret blog now. I'm on to some new adventures! I haven't made candles for awhile since Walmart now sells the better home & garden candles which are amazing and inexpensive so that put me out of business😁.  I have continued with the soap and I have an etsy shop now with all my soap there (thelilyshop.etsy.com). Nice little side hobby.  So my new adventures!  For the last 5 years or so, I have had the same simple goals. One of them I have achieved but the other ones I just dream about and wish they would magically happen on there own. I'm finally realizing that I've got to work and make them happen and I'm also realizing that I'm glad that I have to work!  I'm enjoying the process and seeing the progress! and I am learning a ton along the way! My goals aren't too crazy.  Here they are:
1.  3 kids (that is crazy but I've grown and pushed out 3 babies! That may have been the easy part! Raising them pushes me beyond my limits more than anything ever has! I love it though and hopefully I don't screw them up.)
2. A large Garden (I built a greenhouse. Several times actually because the wind kept blowing it apart.  It was behind our back garage and one day I was in the back putting it back together, after it being blown apart again, and I was cleaning it when one of my husbands employees came back to take a wiz right where I was standing. Drenched in bubbly water, from scrubbing the green house,  I discovered that my greenhouse was being used as a shield for the boys to take a pee and I realized why the water I was standing in smelled like pee and was bubbly.  So that green house went in the trash, plus it had been blown apart again.  Next step, I decided to buy some wood and try to make some garden boxes.  They turned out amazing! I moved them out to our weed covered field because that's where I eventually want to grow my large garden.  A big tractor came to disc the tall weeds in our field and they plowed right over my garden boxes, ripping them apart. Okay, next step.  Lets build a garden fence! My hubby works a lot so I don't have help building these projects, I just have a sugar daddy which is good, but I have to get creative on figuring out how to build these things on my own.  I actually prayed about this one for some guidance and the thought came to me to use PVC pipe.  So I maped out my garden and my fence, went to home depot and bought all my supplies!  At first I thought it'd be best to put each side completely together with the chicken wire already zipped tied to it so that way it would all just have to be slid over the top of the stakes.  So that's what I did.  When it came time to move the pieces to the field, it fell apart while moving it. It had to all be taken apart, glued and pieced together where it was going to stay.  Big set back but it ended up being a good thing and the fence is going to look so much better now than it would have.  Next problem, but also a good thing, is all this rain we're getting!  I just worked in the drizzle yesterday but today is a full on rain so I'm

blogging about it instead of building it today:) Here's pictures of my progress.
3.  Raise some chickens ( once the garden is set up, this will be my next goal!  The coop will have to be inside the garden fence because of all the coyotes and wild animals around us)
4. Honey Bess! ( I'm excited about this one!! Id like to get a flowhive (flowhive.com).  We actually already have a few hives on our property but they don't belong to us and the beekeeper never gives us honey from them....weird.  I want to learn beekeeping myself anyways and I'm sure the beekeeper will help me to learn:)
5. Fruit Stand (why not!? The goal is to have honey, fresh eggs, fruits and vegies, why not share it:) I also could sell my soap.
So those are the goals.  One step at a time and I'll get there.  I want to document my progress, hence the blog.  Here I go!

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