Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day one!

So I'm registered and getting started!!! Scary!!! I haven't actually opened my shop yet because I need to make some more inventory!! I've been reading and looking at another girls shop and I saw that she had a blog spot as well where she posted all of her progress. I thought that was a pretty good idea so I decided to do the same! Now I feel like I have something to report to and it will keep track of all my progress. I have to say that I have my candle making down pretty good so that won't be too hard to get some cool candles finished. It's the soaps that make me nervous. I won't post any on my shop until I know forsure that they are awesome!! I have tried to make soap serveral times but I just haven't figured it out quit yet:( If I can get one recipe down where it's perfect, I can work from there and add on and be more creative. I think the problem is that because I am making such small batches of soap everything has to be super percise and I am too cheap to invest in a scale and also a stick blender. but to make my soap work right, it has to be done. Anyways, I'll keep up on my progress!! I'll make some candles and atleast get those rolling!! Until then, see ya!

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Lynn said...

Cool Theresa! Post some pics of your candles I'd love to see some. What a neat venture. Have fun!