Saturday, September 6, 2008

It worked!! day 4 cont.

I'm going to call it chocolate almond soap! It doesn't smell like that but that's what it looks like:) I couldn't get the last batch to melt all the way so I went ahead and just added the oatmeal, coco powder, coco butter, and I also added ground Cinnamon and more olive and coconut oil. After it set and I cut it, I could see that the chunks that didn't melt didn't change color either so now it looks like it has almonds in it. A cool thing to know to make something else creative later!! I went to Walmart and in the poppuri section they sell all different kinds of fragrance oil but I wonder if that is not something you can use in soaps and whatnot. Probably not, it says to avoid contact with skin:) Anyways, another great soap day!! P.S. the powder on top is just ground up oatmeal that I had left over. Not sure if that looks good or not. It kind of looks like powdered sugar on almond brownies. I da know:)


Pattersons said...

ok, so those look like delicious edible brownies that i want to sink my teeth into! you're so talented!

Lynn said...

you need to add a scent to these, just think of the fun ways you could package them for sale...liked baked goods. who doesn't love a little chocolate in their shower?