Friday, October 24, 2008

My first Sell!!

I can't believe it! I've been hired to make 100 candles!! Andy Gardner, our tax guy, wants to give out candles to his clients and he's hired me to make them!! if you want one, have him do your taxes:) The cool thing is that I was at my parents house last night and I was online looking for supplies and my dad asked me what I was doing. So I explained to him that I was making candles for someone to give to their clients and he thought that was such a good idea that he ordered 100 himself!! He has a convention he is doing on the 29th so I have to be snappy! I found a wholesale candle supply store out in LA which is going to be very helpful since now I wont have to pay shipping and I don't have to wait for everything to be shipped!! I also went online and ordered some labels of my own that I can stick on the bottom of my candles, and I opened my etsy shop. There isn't anything on there yet but there should be after I finish my candles. Yikes....... So wish me luck!! It's going to be a busy candle week:)


Lynn said...

that is quite a sale you made there. you are going to be busy - up to your eyeballs in wax probably! good luck. can't wait to see/hear about the results.

Pattersons said...

congratulations theresa! happy candle making:)