Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sooo Much Fun!

Everything is going great! I wish it would never end:) My dad's candles turned out great- It was a fun night of candle making. Our whole house smelled so delicious:) Since then my mom has also ordered 25 for Christmas gifts. I'm thinking of maybe making a flyer to pass around to companies to sell them, or even just in my neighborhood! I had to go back
down to
Hollywood to get more
supplies so I
went with Brady to an
he had in that same area.
Brady went more nuts then me! He was putting all sorts of things in my cart:) He even set up a table for me in the garage and went and bought me a double burner. It's perfect because the garage is warm and that helps make a good candle. Anyways, I am loving all this candle stuff and I hope the sells continue to grow! (P.S. sorry about Brady's middle finger:)

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Lynn said...

Any new candles for spring? :)